We have a day every now and then where we just want to give the world the middle finger. Work? Screw it off. Do you have chores? Thank you, no. Do you have emails? Oh, forget it! This gallery of memes and fun memes is the perfect way to stick it to the man and say f*ck that time is the mentality of money. Time is meant to be enjoyed often, y’ all.

1. School: We’re equal to everyone. Also school when something bad happens: Boys

2. Little John has 10 apples


4. When you flush the toilet while peeping and you finish peeing just before the flushing ends: The laws of time are mine

5. I’m so proud of you smudge. – Thank you grumpy cat.

6. Mw who just woke up. Cyberturck is everywhere, run!

7. Jesus: I shall turn ater to wine. Judas: Actually wine is 85% water so that’s only 15% miracle. Jesus: This is literally the worst betrayal.

8. Triangle! Triangle! Triangle!

9. Person: Do you know that idiot who posted a meme without a caption? Me:

10. The classes attention – The teacher – The class clown killing it

11. How my classmayes draw: How I draw: It’s futuristic.

12. How I remember games from my childhood: – How they actually were:

13. Me changing my settings mid-match

14. When you walking downstairs and accidently step two steps down

15. Graphics settings: Very low.

16. Me: May I use the bathroom? – Teacher: Why didn’t you during lunch? – The bathroom during lucnh:

17. When you ask your big bro to 1vs1 a guy who said you are a noob and trash talked you:

18. The words I plan to use to tell my crush how I feel about her.

19. Me at 3 am struggling with math: – Some Indian guy on Youtube

20. Mom: Thank God you’re not taking drugs like today’s youth. – Also me:


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