Were you bored at work like heck? Will you do anything at all to stop your life’s miserable existence for just a few hours? Don’t worry, we’re with you right tumblr memes. . All you have to do is scroll down through these tumblr memes-but make sure you’re at least trying to work when your boss walks in!

1. When I was like four or five, I guess I didn’t know what a wig was, and…

2. I’m so tired of breaking myself into bite sized pieces.

3. Logical brain: You have chores to do. Do your chores.


5. *Wall bleeds just a bit more below it spelling out nice*

6. Wow this is the #1 best Harry Potter criticism i have ever read.

7. I hope Bao Xishun realizes that he is a modern day folk hero.

8. This is great bc this mushroom is Cerioporus squamosus, most commonly know as Dryad’s Saddle which…

9. Hey teens buckling up is totes yeet yo.

10. Tory power stance is still the funniest thing to come out of uk party politics in a long time.

11. There are five frogs staring at me right now.

12. I have no idea where andy dwyer ends and chris pratt begins.

13. I can’t emphasise enough how accurate this is.

14. That’s me after being ignored don’t be so rude.

15. This is another perfect example of how memes are just hieroglyphic.

16. This post brought to you by the stop making pearls scatter everwhere whenever you break…


18. “It’s just marbles”

19. The computer said my next patient’s name was Lucifer, and that he was a domestic.

20. Plauge doctor mask but it’s a worm on a string face.

21. Broke: using ‘boys will be boys’ to defend abusive and predatory behaviour.

22. Why? You jealous of the ma with the superlative wife? The wife against which all others are measured?


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