My mother would love to say “If you’re bored then you’re boring.” While I don’t necessarily agree with that sentiment, it’s a pretty good mom-ism. And whether you’re bored or boring, these memes will help you stay occupied until you have to find something else to do. This memes entertain you a lot. If you want to see this fresh memes click it!

1. Multiple assassins trying to kill hitler – Hitler killing himself.

2. When you tell a joke in a group and the hot girld starts laughing:

3. Wasn’t my first pitch but hey, not gonna waste this opportunity.

4. Excuse me there is a dead rat in my soup. “So what?” Nothing it’s delicious.

5. When the ancestry test comes back and your 0.000069% Russian

6. When the teacher asks a question from the hooded junkie at the back who’s always sleeping.

7. What are ur strengths? Me: I fall in love easily. “umm okay… What are ur weaknesses?” Me: Those blue eyes of yours.

8. How my older brother “plays” with me according to him

9. Person: I’m broke but at least air is free – Lays:

10. Girls who think they can hit a guy and they can’t hit back.

11. Spiderboi and Dogboi

12. Pajama day at school vs That one kid who sleeps naked.

13. Mystery Gang: Hey Scoob can you helps us exorcise a demond child? Scooby Doo: nuh-uh

14. When I get home from camp and see that my game console is switched on…

15. When you find a cool weapon in a game but the stats are useless for you.

16. When you take the ancestry test and find out you’re 5% Greek: I am the son of Poseidon.

17. When you take LSD and you start talking to your sh*t. Listen here, you little sh*t.

18. Well yes, but actually no

19. Hold the phone. Sugar with free sugar?

20. A rare photo og a baby carrot clinging to their mother before being eaten by a vegan.

21. What my parents think I’ll do if I don’t stop playing video games: Oh boy, here I go killing again.

22. Nobody is born cool expect of course people who actually read this titels

23. The whole world financial system: Excel

24. – Teacher, would I be punished for something I didn’t do? – Of course not! – Well, I didn’t do the homework.


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