For literal hours, these tumblr memes may not keep you amused, but they will surely curtail your boredom. It’s Saturday, so at least you don’t have to be constantly watching the clock for hours on end while pretending to be working in your unfortunate dressing room. Browse them now, or save them for a rainy day of job! Here are some more great tumblr memes to maintain you amused most definitely! Tumblr Time!!

1. I was a white girl for halloween.

2. Refuse to stop laughing at this.

3. I’ve been waiting to paint this for a while. Fish pond in a coffin.

5. The protest in Chile will not be publicised as much as the Hong Kong protest because…

6. If brains are biological computers, why don’t we lag?

7. One day Rick Astley will die and none of us will click on the headline.

8. Me: Oh look I have been replaced.

9. Stop reblogging this i meant to write 1347.


11. Me, when a sci-fi introduces a desert location: Show me the worm.

12. my therapist: so how are you doing today?

13. Someone who hasn’t watch Star Trek, please explain this picture.

15. It’s funnier when you find out that’s his dad.

16. Cerberus, but a 3-headed Ferret.

17. Some of y’all didn’t grow up as the person nobody has a crush on and it really shows.

18. Anytime I hear someone use the term “man cave” I feel my body sag as is craves death.

19. Absolutely. I’m ugly not stupid.

20. Cover your shoulders with knives.

21. My first attempt at a creepypasta (beginner here; go easy on me)

22. Me walking into the grocery store to buy everything bagels.

23. Just bought this tapeworm from etsy!

24. I played two games this weekend.


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