Memes are now part of our lives. You will see lots and lots of memes every time you scroll any social media. Memes ‘ best advantage is that they always keep you entertained irrespective of your situation. But you have to be bored with those old meme you’ve already checked, so we’re uploading the hilarious and freshest meme for our audience here on this website.

Jump into this meme dump where some of the funniest meme are already trending on the internet. Please Pin these images to your Pinterest Board

1. The plate after you put in the microwawe: – The food after you put it in the microwave:

2. 16 years old me visiting my grand parents be like: Greetings, tiny people.

3. Pansexuals be like:

4. When you trying to get the Dorito crumbs out the bag but tilt it a little too high…

5. Choir kids when it’s someone’s birthday.

6. Chemistry teacher: make sure you put on eye protection before you do your experiments.

7. Who was that girl shouting at you ? I don’t know babe I was just eating my salad.

8. Most guys easily notice girls flirting with their friends but can’t get the hint when a girl is flirting with them.

9. Gumball and Adventure time getting their last content, Wii getting it’s last game, Terraria getting its last update. My childhood:

10. Girlfriend: *looks angry* Everybody else: *Looks angry* Me:

11. Have you tried restarting it?

12. My whole body: – My armpits:

13. When you’re a restaurant manager and you see someone with a Karen haircut walking angrily toward you.

14. Instagram users: Why are you laughing at this meme. There is no caption. Me:

15. Me putting my playlist on shuffle but then skipping until the song I want plays.

16. My mum congratulating me for losing weight. Me who hasn’t eaten properly in 4 months.

17. There is a new spongebob movie being madei, it’s a Nickelodeon movie, the animation actually looks good, Keanu Reeves is in the movie.

18. Motorcycle was invented in 1885. People in 1884:

19. Me: *I’m not as strong as you.* My older brother letting me beat him at super smash bros: *No. You’re stronger.*

20. Guy: *plays flute.* Cobras:

21. When you have the same name as someone else and someone says your name and you look at them and they respond “No not you”

22. A cheerful letter or message is on its way to you.

23. No one: – My hormones: I said we mad today.

24. The foreign exchange student saying ‘**** you’ to my teacher. – Teacher: ^o^ Me who told him it means ‘Thank you’

25. When you accidentally close the door too hard after your parents yell at you.

26. Me: *majes joke in class* Friend: *says the joke but louder* Me: I made that joke. Friend:


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