Delivery! Delivery. At your disposal, fresh memes! So take a moment to relax and enjoy all the good woods and girls that this list has to bring! And just in case you have a ruff day and need an extra lift, check out these fresh memes — which should heal almost anything.

1. Co-worker posted pictures of himself in random places when he quit.

2. Youtubers in 2010 and now. Sad 🙁

3. Teacher: I don’t want anyone eating in this classroom while I’m discussing.

4. What the hell happened here?

5. 5 year old me realizing that the woman I’m fallowing in the store isn’t my mom.

6. Lower graphics means more speed,bro.

7. Upgrades, people. Upgrades!

8. Me and the boys heading out to second lunch.

9. Do you want to explode?

10. No one: – Not even a single soul:

11. Have mercy! Please!

12. I’ll take your entire stock.

13. Me playing on easy diffiulty: I loke those odds.

14. That was very cash money if you grandfather.

15. My younger sibling: *hits me real hard* – Mom: *does nothing* – Me: *hits back* You deserve the death sentence.

16. Me: Accidentally steps on my dog’s foot. My dog:

17. To whoever keeps destroying this toilet. You have great health insurance. Go see a Doctor.

18. Hero: Is everyone ok? Everyone: Yes! Guy that got secretly bitten by a Zombie:

19. You always smeel so nice, what do you use? Me: Shower! Have you tried ever?

20. Me: Why did you buy 207 bananas? The dude in in the math problems:

21. How many of you have this sh*t.

22. Food is Food!

23. Pope Francis says that masturbation is no longer a sin.

24. Friend: How many tests did you fail?

25. Poor kelvin 🙁

26. The moment you call the teacher “dad” in class.



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