The best is the original tumblr memes. They are not only funny, they can also be fresh. Here are Tumblr posts to remind you how fortunate it would be without them to have tumblr. Life would be so boring without them, Am i right?

1. He wears a T-Shirt

2. Tell me something nice, hit me with those positive vibess.

3. Long, wiggly and ready to get squiggly.

4. Thanks for @’ing me this a good post and not mine.

5. So last night I dreamed that it was winter and I was at a shopping mall and I looked outside and saw this guy walking his…

6. I was waiting for a punchline but it never came, it was serious, it was real.

7. Problem: I honestly can’t tell whether this food is oversauced or undercooked.

8. I can’t keep living like this. I don’t have enough skin.

9. Those are polynomials you asked for a neverending curve of tomatoes.

10. I hate so much but this knowledge is too powerful to keep from you all.

11. It’s midnight and this tweet is giving me a heart attack.

12. Ambulance in my neighborhood: Waaaaaaaaaaaa… My dog: Oh Shit! Oh shit it’s a bop.


14. Go to terrarium and think about your punching, you kinfe-footed ice-gremlin.

15. I don’t know if this is funnier with or without the context of this being a comment on a gnomeo and juliet vore fic


17. ‘Rock legend and astrophysicist’ is inarguably the most powerful title one can have.

18. No it’s real my cousin sasuke has this.

19. Aww I saw this on Facebook and thought it was way too good not to repost.

20. Finally listened to all music! My favorite song was an untitled file called “ssssddsdrt6667788öogg”

21. This is the IT version of the condom pinned to the ‘be safe’ note.

22. Actually the best character desings are the ones like this.

23. my 2 month old: I can’t sleep daddy I’m afraid of Frankenstein.

24. Heey I’m a lil sad would anyone distract me with whatever.

25. I have a feeling half of the simpsons cast wanted to make this joke for so long.

26. I got a new meme format hot off the press y’all.


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