The best is the original tumblr memes. They are not only funny, they can also be fresh. Here are Tumblr posts to remind you how fortunate it would be without them to have tumblr. Life would be so boring without them, Am i right?

Kaynak : 25+ Fresh Tumblr Memes That Will Entertain You A Lot

1 My favorite part about Megamind, is that he literalyy Grew Up on Earth around humans, but is still confused about human culture and etiquette.

2. I’ve come to inform you all the Ancient Greeks spelled Thoth, the Egyptian deity, as.

3. Casual reminder tat if you are a Sherlock fan Arthur Conan Doyle would hate you and everything you stand for.

4. I had te funniest dream i was hanging out with Michael Jackson and someone asked him what his pronouns were and he said “he/hee!” and i woke up crying.

5. Be silent, keep your forked tongue behind it’s teeth, I have not passed through fire and death to exchange words with a witles worm.

6. Hi, I’m Frugal Freddie! Come on down and buy your brand-new Queen size bed right here at.

7. “smacks the side of my boom box to get the cd to stop skipping”

8. When you’re watching TV and your sibling gets out of the good chair to get a drink.

9. I daresat you migt lose subscriber.

10. So I’m in a musical for theater champ and I’m the main character…

11. I managed to make a fully interactive custom npc husband in Skyrim, but…

12. me using tumblr costing yahoo a billion dollars:

13. baby yoda should be a symbol for Piracy worldwide.

14. Someone please help i dragged this picture of an old man but my computer froze and now he’s stuck there no matter what webpage i go to and i feel like…

15. My friend: can I ask you for relationship advice?

16. Reminder that mordecai is a beef muffin and I want him to raw me:

17. Getting up at 6 am IRL: aw puck it’s so early oh my god.

18. cats be like: Ok I’m gonna radiate serotonin now.

19. This sounds like a post apocalyptic diary entry.

20. Ever notice that the mean voice in ur head that insults u is awful confident for something thats literally never done…

21. This is Roberts significant other, gertrude. Mr Wiggles is just a friend.

22. Still blows my mind how quickly capitalism self-destrucred streaming TV.

23. You could pour soup in my lap and I’d probably apologize.

24. I’m not sure if the government has been a good idea.

25. My daughter went to my husband and said ” Dad, have you ever heard of Pokemom?”

26. Genetically distinct from downtown rat

27. They ended up getting married so safe to ay she doesn’t regret it.


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