The hustle-happy society is beginning to wear us down. Sure, spending your whole day looking at memes isn’t healthy. But all the work does not make Jack a dull boy. Taking a break from slaving away to peruse some funny memes is perfectly AOK. And we’re more than happy to give you ’em. Meme Time!

1. Happy Birthday D ha ha ha Don’t write that his name is Matt.

2. When you walk past a bird and it doesn’ fly away.


3. But, he’s your son. Bullshit. I bet he looks nothing like me!.

4. *Deer Is Confused Wen He Humps A Decoy Doe’s Head Off* – These are confusing times.

5. How your grandpa looks at the Vietnames kid when you invite him to your house.

6. Me: My paycheck: The Government:

7. My year old cousin watching me build in Minecraft ne like:

8. The reason why ghosts don’t kill people in real life is because if they did, those people would becomes ghosts and it would become really awkward.

9. Love morning coffe.

10. Wen you have to leave the animal shelter and can’t adopt every dog there.

11. “Lazy” “Technology bad” “Sheltered” “Back in my day” “Snowflake” “Priveleged” Gen Z “Ok boomer”

12. When your Dna says you are 1% Italian.

13. Proton-Neutron Electron boi :/

14. Wait. That’s illegal.

15. 8 yars old me trying to stick a fridge magnet to every posssible material.

16. When you download the wrong subtitles for a movie but it still works out. It’s over, Anakin! I have the high ground!

17. me in my 5th grade class watching Polar Express drinking hot cocoa.

18. Me in 2040: Dinner’s ready come eat! My son: I’m in a game. Me: Just pause the ga-… You have become the very thing you swore to destroy.

19. Alien Colgate Edition

20. Best Man left bleeding after being hit in head by flying…

21. “imagine being in a room with everyone that ever had a crush on you” me: How strange. There’s nobody here.

22. When you fall asleep with a boner. Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.

23. I thinks I forgot something. If you forgot, then is wasn’t important. Yeah you’re right.

24. Death Stranding

25. When my DNA test says I am 1 percent Russian

26. We can’t fly, but we have each other. Here, I made you this. Ha, I’m just lazy. I can totally fl-

27. President Trump to sign hill making animal cruelty a federal felony.

28. When you fully upgrade your starter pistol.


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