There’s obviously no chill on Twitter users and memes everywhere over the cuteness of Baby Yoda, but can you blame them? He’s just so good and we can’t get over it. So please enjoy some precious memes and click here if you feel this gallery doesn’t give you a proper fix of The Mandalorian’s little green dude. Memes are the best.

1. Baby Yoda: Hello ? – The entire internet: I love you <3

2. Microsoft when the first thing I do on my new Windows computer is set my default browser to Chrome.

3. Early human when they accidentally set their prey on fire but it tastes nicer.

4. I’m throwing away my humanity, JoJo!

5. My thooth – Popcorn Kernel 😀 – My other thoot

6. I pooped in the elevator .) I took that sh*t to another level 🙂 Same sh*t different story.

7. Neighbour : He is a good boy; he never bites. – Neighbour’s good boy:

8. Losing 20 pounds. Americans and Brits.

9. Me: Hey I really like you – Crush: Really, I like you too. – Me: Wait, are you serious. – My Alarm Clock:

10. When you stand up with your headphones still attached.

11. 5 year old me lost in the store and Nice store lady saying “It’s okay suga, we’ll find your mama.”

12. Me: “stands up really fast” My body:

13. I’m quitting youtube. Here’s why. No one cares. But thanks.

14. How it felt when me and my brother would fight with the wrapping paper we found in WalMart.

15. A spider mimicking an ant by holding it’s front legs as antennae.

16. Hey, do your people even celebrate Thansgiving?

17. Finally, I have them all.

18. Me: *lets uninvited guests in* – My wife who wasn’t wearing a bra:

19. Dc Heroes: “killing is wrong. The only thing that separates us from the villains…”

20. No Golfing In The Cemetery

21. “Peace was never an option”

22. me: Peeing on the side of the bowl to make less noise

23. A battle has been won but a battle has been lost

24. “How strange.. There’s nobody here.”

25. Thanksgiving vs Black Friday

26. When you realize that there is another meme inside this meme.

27. People in math problems:

28. When Microsoft Word puts a red line under your last name:

29. Friend: Wanna go to the beach? Me:


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