Look back in the mirror and realize you’ve got a problem? We do, but thankfully, memes-related are our cravings and compulsions. We’re just living and breathing memes-and knowing you have a problem is the first step to recovery. That said, without some amusing pics and laughter we wouldn’t really be able to get through this weekend. So here’s a safe, happy memes dose of’em!

1. me: *pay the killer to kill himself* Killer:

2. Pope Franci: Masturbation isn’t a sin anymore. Hell:

3. When you come home early from work and your girl hooking up with a Byzantine gargoyle.

4. Me on day 30 of No Nut November. People who failed day 3.

5. I have so many things to do!

6. Pushing all the buttons in the elevator before leaving.

7. Highschool portrayed in Anime – Highschool portrayed in Movies – I haven’t been happy 1 minute in my entire life.

8. Elon Musk presents the new Tesla electric motorcycle:

9. You didn’t stop to think if you should.

10. baby yoda: I’m the cutest thing ever. baby cybertruck:

11. What does idk stand for.

12. The two smart kids arguing if the answer is 9.8 or 11.6. me getting 74 watermelons.

13. Dad: “We will never have pets in this house.” [‘ months later] Dad:

14. Me: Don’t cook too much I’ve already eaten. Grandma: Ok love, just snack Grandma:

15. Despite popular belief, spammping the A button does not make loading screens go any faster.

16. Boys on the 30th of November: We’re in the endgame now.

17. When your crush rejects you in your dreams and ten rejects you in real life:

18. no one: my custom character having a conversations in a cut scence:

19. Girl: You can’t hit a girl if she hits you. Me: Who believes in gender equality.

20. Cast it into the fire. Destroy it!

21. A man threw a mouse into a pile of burning leaves. The mouse then ran into his house while still on fire and burned his house down.

22. me browsing blackfriday deals and my empty wallet like that 😀

23. I live in a vvillage so I’m good.

24. 18-year-old boy: *Doesn’t get into college* Recruiter at the mall: You’ll be a soldier.

25. Dreamworks making sequels Disney making sequels.

26. As a doctor I always give sick schoold kids more days off than they need.

27. Do not breathe under the water. Thank you, you saved my life.

28. Trying yo close the ads. The small “X”

29. The guy who told the joke to the girls. Me who told him it minutes earlier.


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