Memes are now part of our lives. You will see lots and lots of memes every time you scroll any social media. Memes ‘ best advantage is that they always keep you entertained irrespective of your situation. But you have to be bored with those old meme you’ve already checked, so we’re uploading the hilarious and freshest meme for our audience here on this website.

Jump into this meme dump where some of the funniest meme are already trending on the internet. Please Pin these images to your Pinterest Board

1. Looks like meat’s back on the menu boys!

2. Me hits my elbow on desk. My entire nervous system:

3. Finally a worthy opponent!

4. Apes together strong.

5. DC: We have Gotham, Metropolis, Central City, Starling City, Coast City…

6. When you didn’t pay attention in any of the lessons and now you’re stcuk in the chemistry exam like.

7. 7 year old me in the car wondering wht the moon has been following us.

8. Mom : Why don’t you go play with the neighbor’s kid?

9. Me: “So… I kinda like you…”

10. So you think I passed your class because you explained the subjects well?

11. Yes I am.

12. Me watching my uncle set up gta or me on the ps2 while mom was out.

13. 5-year-old Shon dresses up to help street cats because…

14. Ah, yes. The negotiator.

15. People wo can drink ice water while chewing mint gum.


17. Aussie Company Creates Virus That Can Kill Every Type Of Cancer

18. When you chilling in Nagasaki and suddenly see two suns.

19. It’s enough to make a grown man cry.

20. 1 Pirates 2 Knocked Up 3 Shrek

21. When you finally defeat that boss who killed you 1376 times and now he’s begging you to spare his life:

22. Everything is terrible so i googled “dogs being interviewed” it helped.

23. Hunter Dies when Shot Elephant Falls on Him

24. 7 year old me walking around with my eyes closed to see what being blind would feel like.


26. What the Internet looked like when I woke up today.

27. Her: I have a very low resolution shaky camera to record.

28. Me: Teacher can I go to the bathroom?

29. Are you delusional? Do you suffer from a mental illness?

30. 10 year old me asking I can go outside

31. Exercising Baby


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