Nothing like fresh tumblr memes to lift your spirits! So much goodness — you won’t know where to put it all! Just in case you’re in need of even more goodness, check out last week tumblr memes. Tumblr Day!

1. Where have you been, Jack douglas.

2. I’m laughing so hard I’m crying over this tiny ass lemon.

3. Remember that 2001 Disney Channel original movie “luck of the irish” where the…

4. I mean, I’m not calling you a liar Windows, but that sounds like something…

5. The Gaming keys… do t even think about looking at this post if ur not a gamer.

6. Don’t forget kids, jewelweed is a natural counteragent to poison…

7. The just makes me happy for some reason.

8. I filled a condom with water and gave it feelings.

9. The longer it takes for this to come across your dash the funnier it is.

10. I started up Destiny 2 yesterday and burst into tears because…

11. Why I do toilet paper the wrong way

12. mood: The Mexican dude who told judge judy “this is your show but this is my episode”


14. Dove chocolate and Dove soap are two different campanies…

15. Oh so you like math? Name every number.

16. If you put a gun to my head and said…

17. My man said “boomer” with the hard “R”.

18. It is pitch black outside and someone is mowing their lawn.

19. This randomly landed on our porch last night after a storm.

20. If you don’t want to read anymore I understand.

21. His melee attacks inflict a poison damage.

22. Him: Let me get that “y= mx + b” Barber: Say no mo.

23. The dishonored level i need.

24. My Roman Catholic parents did not find this as funny and thought provoking as I did.

25. Jack Dawson… Penniless artist who wins a ticket onto Titanic in 1912…

26. Clear skin is so attractive I’d chop a toe off for clear skin forever.

27. Someone just drew Gandalf in a suede chair, nbd.

28. You don’t hate winter, you hate living an atomized existence where you get up and…

29. It took me a moment to realized they ‘Depression’ as in the era of depression and…

30. Of all the arbitrary differences between America and Britain, this one is my favorite.

31. “There’s a cure?!” asked the girld that kills everything she touches.

32. update: he got bronchitis! you’ll never guess how.

33. Boss makess a dollar, I make a dime, that’s why I cry on company time.


34. Actually she took the dimmadome in the dimmadivorce.



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