Stupid memes have the power to keep you laughing at the same time for hours. We can guarantee this to you, you really this memes. But don’t just take up our term-scroll down to see this memes for yourself!

1. When you ride an Uber and the radio starts playing Deja Vu

2. “Your alarm is set for 1 hour and 38 minutes from now”

3. If a woman hits a man he can’t hit back. That Star Destroyer is disabled!

4. *pets my cat’s belly* My cat: You want one?

5. Thanks, Dad. But this belongs to you. – No, son. To us!

6. Bacterias when you pick up food in 4.20 seconds:

7. Her: I bet he’s thinking about other women. Him: Can Pokemon only say their names, or are they named after the only thing they say?

8. When the fly you’ve been trying to swat all day cocmes back into range.

9. My dad and 7yr old me when Mojang added survival mode to Minecraft.

10. Me and the boys coming alive one last time for the end of the decade.

11. basic economics.

12. Obesity runs in my family! – Nobody runs in your family.

13. 5 year old me watching the clown steal my nose.

14. Me: gets bullied – Mum: report it to the teachers – Grandma:

15. Is it possible to learn this power?

16. I’m sorry m’lady but I have to unfollow for 1 month for NNN wish me luck.

17. Baby Yoda treding higher than democtratic candidates.

18. Millionth time looking them same energy.

19. L

20. Searching for “broken dishwasher” – Google:

21. Me: Divides by 0 on the calculator. – Calculator: Do you want to explode?

22. You think this is Funny?

23. Put Bull owners: There are no bad dogs. Only bad owners. – Chihuahuas be like:

24. Me: Honey you mad at me? HEr: No why would I be mad at you? Me: Then smile.

25. When my friend ask how I got a Joker movie in HD print

26. My mom when I ask for a $10 Steam game: – My mom when sees a dress that she’ll wear once for $200:

27. Youtube when video literally has nudity. – Youtube when somebody swears.

28. 8yr olds doing a finger gun in rock paper scissors.

29. When your friend who was last online 7 years ago comes online again.

30. My brain doing the fake fall thing. – Me trying to sleep

31. People who were homeschooled:

32. How to Cook a Vegetable: Google vs Bing

33. 25 yr old me watching my mom give away my toys to my cousins.

34. I let my kids run at the restaurant. – Aim for the head Billy

35. Haha 😀 you are so funny… that’s why we will be best friends forever.


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