Tumblr Memes add much more meaning to society than most would think; they provide us with a healthy dose of humor, and perhaps more importantly, they provide us Millennials with a place to bond over our (many) shared life struggles.If you like this post go and see another tumblr post! It’s time to Tumblr meme.

1. What it feels like to enter adulthood.

2. How do you take your medication?

3. Nice to see ppl like myself being represented in the new TS4.


5. A concept: Harry Potter with his mother’s hair and father’s eyes instead of vice versa.

6. Virginia’s territorial claims over the years.

7. Its nice that we get to die someday. Imagine being immortal and…

8. I went to a 90s themed party last night.

9. This is The Wizard. Reblog in 35 seconds to reveal the secrets of the center of the universe and abolish old fashioned gender roles.

10. “Tried to take some photos of an octopus, but he grabbed the camera and took some of me instead.”

11. The opposite of the four horsemen of the apocalypse… The four knights of paradise.


13. I don’t know why this made me laugh so hard :D.

14. Dr Doofenschmirtz thinks he’s chaotic evil but he’s chaotic netural or lawful evil at best.

15. The other day I went with a friend to the museum, and outside its entrance, was greeted with this.

16. Is your dad a tragic 19th Century French author.

17. This will never not be funny.

18. I’d like the Lopunny line a lot more if Gamefreak ever played up the fact that Buneary is the one Pokemon…

19. I’m crying. I’m at Walmart and look at this horrifying thing why the…

20. He ıs turning the tiles brown. He needs to be contained.

21. I have a friend who is dyslexic and one time he said…

22. Why does squidwards face show more emotion than Elsa’s.

23. Can you believe there are people who have grown up on the internet without ever having read this.

24. For a daily-garfield strop, I removed a speech bubble and gave Jon the…

25. This is it. This is my aesthetic. I’ve finally found it.

26. Kids work together to create eternal recess.

27. I’m just gonna go ahead and reblog this for purely educational purposes.


29. True crime is becoming to girls what ww2 is to boys.

30. He thinks h2S being sneaky.

31. The hills are alive with the sound of punk rock.

32. A fair point.

33. The must do jehovahs fitness.

34. I don’t fit in anywhere 🙁

35. This is the worst thing I’ve drawn.

36. I just saw a really chunky raccoon on my way home from work!


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