Hey, hey! It’s back that time. Check out these fresh memes that you really need right now in your life. These fresh and funny meme posts are going to help you laugh the day… The Time of Memes!

1. me after seeing a cockroach in the shower:


2. “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?”

3. Losing fans because of the new movies.

4. Scientists invent a bracelet that gives an electric shock to the wearer when they have a negative thought. Me after wearing this:

5. So y’all tweeting from iPhone and Android. Have you seen what I’m using?

6. Angry because of your dad grade – Grades doesn’t matter cheer up – Parents

7. Me: I’m sı scared of this exam. Also me:

8. Pythagores’ vacation.

9. Team Trees Movement stuck at 16 million. Me: Come. This is no place to die.

10. Me: Guys! Believe me! I’m not a coward! My Keyboard:

11. When mom takes your DS away from you at 3:00am:

12. White men can’t understand what it’s like to be under attack.

13. Tesla has 146k orders for the cybertruck so far with no advertisements or paid endorsements.

14. bell: *rings* students: does this mean we can go home. teacher: PRETTY SURE IT DOESN’T

15. Girl: *slaps my butt* Me: If the roles were reversed that would be considered sexual harassment Gir: Unfortunately for you society will not see it that way.

16. How saplings are made:

17. If you are what eat. Then only cannibals are humans – I worry sometimes… Wait!?

18. Who the bloody hell put this on?

19. Me changing my alarm to a song I like. Hating waking up in the morning. I start to hate the song as a result.

20. When you get a “Your Android device may have a virus” Pop up ad and you have an iPhone.

21. Huh. I wonder who taht’s for.

22. In bird culture this is considered a d move.

23. Why the hack do you exist then.


24. My husband just walked in, told the dog how cute he is, and how much he loves him. Held his face in his hands, stared into his eyes…

25. Don’t laugh but when I was little and it was pouring outside I thought that God and Satan were fighting so I used to get my…

26. year old me watching my older brother fight the video game boss I couldn’t beat.

27. Getting a job to gain experience. Need experience to get a job.

28. The clas clown returning after one month of suspension.

29. Are you challenging me?

30. Using the drake format.

31. With no advertising and no paid endorsement.

32. Man with depression

33. Modern medicine and basic hygiene.

34. 9th graders when you’re in 6th grade:

35. Shirt I want to but: *has no price tag*

36. Me with -3.25 vision in both eyes

37. Mr Mom

38. me, still processing my 2016’s problems


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